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Kawasaki Mule Pro MX 4×4 Utility Vehicle

Delivering all the rugged, reliable and adaptable attributes that Kawasaki’s Mule utility vehicle brand is justifiably famous for, the new Kawasaki Mule PRO-MX range for 2019 relies not only on a torque laden 700cc CVT single-cylinder equipped engine but also benefits from the Shinari design philosophy.

  • Short 4.2 m (13.8 ft) turning radius makes it easier to negotiate tight corners in the woods or on trail courses.
  • The PRO-MX has a 680 kg (1,500 lbs) towing capacity. Standard 2” tow hitch receiver is compatible with a wide range of accessory hitches.
  • The Mule PRO-MX is equipped with 25” tyres on 12” rims. The large 25” radial tyres provide great off-road traction, ensure ample ground clearance and complement the rugged styling.
  • EPS and tilt-adjustable steering wheel
  • High approach and departure angles (67˚ and 63˚, respectively) also contribute to the Mule PRO-MX’s off-road performance. Minimising bodywork overhang (positioning the wheels as close to the bumpers as possible) reduces the chance of hitting the bumper or scraping the tail when going up or coming down steep slopes.
  • 700cc single-cylinder engine.
  • Electrically selectable 2WD/4WD and dualmode rear differential system allow easy changing between drive systems to suit changing terrain and applications.
  • Storage bin (5.3 litres) located under the passenger’s seat offers convenient storage. A steel plate protects the storage bin from rock strikes.
  • Double-wishbone suspension is used both front and rear to enable each of the wheels to drive over obstacles with minimum effect on the chassis.

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Mixing sound, no-nonsense engineering, cost effective features and customer focused innovation

in a durable and stylish package; the MULE range of Utility Vehicles has garnered a well

deserved reputation. Relishing hard work, the MULE concept covers two and four wheel drive

vehicles, petrol and diesel engine types and even the choice of two or four seat variants. And

with electronic, speed sensitive power steering on the MULE PRO series you can see why the

Kawasaki MULE is seen by many as the definitive Utility Vehicle.

When there’s serious work to be done the MULE PRO-MX is ready to take the load. High torque

700cc EFI power moves cargo and crew quickly with the safety assurance of the roll-over protection

system (ROPS). On site or on the farm, the 317KG capacity of the tipping cargo bed and 680kg towing potential makes light work of the heaviest tasks.

Working in tough environments demands durable, reliable machinery that continues to deliver in all conditions.

Dirt, terrain and weather won’t stop the ultra-rugged MULE PRO-MX, with all essential systems designed to resist water, dust and debris.

A steel ladder chassis is ready for all terrains, strong where it needs to be and flexible where it matters.

A single cylinder petrol EFI engine guarantees the torque needed to carry loads and crew reliably, hour after working hour.

The rugged, hard-working styling of the MULE PRO MX is not just there for show.



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