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Bobcat ZT6100 61″ Zero Turn Mower

Built for any turf pro who demands as much from their machine as they put into their business. The Bobcat ZT6100 zero-turn lawn mower has the power, speed and fuel capacity you need for hours of uncompromising mowing power. This zero-turn lawn mower is equipped with a 61-inch AirFX™ deck, Kawasaki® FX850V or FT850V EFI engine and comes standard with a heavy-duty 7-gauge steel tubed frame for optimal durability.


All Bobcat Mulch Kits: £410 + VAT 

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ZT6100 Zero-Turn Mower Engineering & Innovation

When you buy a Bobcat zero-turn mower you expect quality engineering. With the ZT6100, you get the complete package – including a heavy-duty drive system, industry-leading cutting technology and powerful engine options. You get a machine that is worthy of the Bobcat name and a spot on your trailer.

Bobcat ZT6100 Zero-Turn Mower Kawasaki Engine

Pro-Grade Power at Your Command

The ZT6100 zero-turn mower pulls out all of the stops with the Kawasaki FX series engine. The FX850V or FX850V EFI mower engine options deliver dependable power and performance – time and time again.

Bobcat ZT6100 Zero-Turn Mower In-Action

Faster and More Efficient Than Ever Before

Dial up the output and torque when your job demands it.The ZT6100 comes equipped with innovative Hydro-Gear ZT-4400 transaxles for reliable performance and ground speeds up to 12 mph.

Bobcat ZT6100 Zero-Turn Mower AirFX Deck

Unmatched Quality of Cut

Deliver a premium quality of cut from one lawn to the next. The ZT6100 zero-turn mower is constructed with innovative cutting technology in every detail. The AirFX deck comes standard with a bullnose design, Air-Gap baffles and rugged, cast-iron spindles for a cleaner cut.

Bobcat ZT6100 Zero-Turn Mower Frame

Ruggedly Built to Withstand the Toughest Jobs

Mow through tough jobs with a frame that’s engineered to withstand just about anything. The heavy-duty, dual-tubed frame design provides maximum durability.

Bobcat ZT6100 Zero-Turn Mower Seat And Command Center

Comfortably in Charge

Responsive controls and an ergonomic,  high-back suspension seat provide comfort and control that put you in the driver’s seat.

Bobcat ZT6100 Zero-Turn Mower Fuel Tanks

Go All Day Without Refueling

Stay at peak productivity levels with rugged, roto-molded, dual fuel tanks. This mower offers 15 gallon fuel tanks that keep your crew on the grass and out of the gas station.

Bobcat ZT6100 Zero-Turn Mower Swing-Away Bumper

Quick Engine Access for Easy Maintenance

A rotating bumper – with the additional hitch system included – offers quicker access to internal components, making tune-ups quick and easy.


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