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Bobcat ZS4000 61″ Stand On Zero Turn Mower

Stability. Agility. Profitability. Compact size, extra ground clearance and large drive tires, the ZS4000 zero-turn stand-on mower gets around obstacles and on to the next job. Equipped with commercial-grade features, including: the bullnose AirFX™ cutting system, a low center of gravity for traversing hills with ease, and tool-free controls for quick fixes.


All Bobcat Mulch Kits: £410 + VAT 

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ZS4000 Zero-Turn Stand-On Mower Engineering & Innovation

Get stand-up performance with the ZS4000 zero-turn stand-on mower. Delivering power, performance and fast ground speeds, this mower is equipped with an innovative AirFX deck, tool-free controls and an operator station. Designed to let you manoeuvre through tough obstacles with total confidence.

Bobcat ZS4000 Zero-Turn Stand-On Mower Kawasaki Engine

Command Power and Performance

Get powerful engine performance you can stand behind with Kawasaki FX series or FT series EFI engine options to meet whatever the job demands.

Bobcat ZS4000 Zero-Turn Stand-On Mower AirFX Cutting Deck

A Stand-Up Cut by Every Standard

An impressive quality of cut and a cleaner cutting deck are made possible by industry-leading  technology. Featuring Air-Gap baffles and vacuum seals, the ZS4000’s AirFX cutting deck  increases lift on every blade of grass for unmatched precision.

Bobcat ZS4000 Zero-Turn Stand-On Mower Tool-Free Controls

Total Control at Your Fingertips

Command unmatched control and response from ergonomic, tool-free controls with adjustable tracking.

Bobcat ZS4000 Zero-Turn Stand-On Mower Operator-Station Design

Nothing Stands in Your Way

When it comes to maneuvering around obstacles or tight spaces, the ZS4000 has an intuitive operator-station design that provides a superior “center of mass” stability that makes you feel like you’re one with the machine.


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Bobcat ZS4000 Specification Sheet